Fragmented Reality – Ludum Dare 33

Amidst all the preparations for the upcoming fall term, I found some time last weekend to participate in the 33rd Ludum Dare contest. My entry is “Fragmented Reality,” which some of the reviewers described as an “art game”.

Fragmented Reality screenshot

Screenshot from an earlier version of the game

For those unfamiliar with the contest (which I may have described here before), the objective is to complete an entire game, from scratch, in 48 hours. Art, sound, music, design all has to be completed in two days. You are allowed to start with publicly available code libraries, which saves us all from having to design our own programming languages, compilers, and base libraries. I like to refer to it as the “Nanowrimo of game development,” but unlike Nanowrimo, the entries are rated by all the other participants.

The theme this time, voted on by the participants, was “you are the monster.”

The trick to doing well seems to be to know what you can reasonably accomplish in 48 hours. I’m pretty happy with the way mine came out, especially considering I didn’t have the entire 48 hours. I didn’t really have time to sit back and think about how well I made the design decisions, but there are fewer flukes than in the last two contents I participated in.

I’m filing this one under “storytelling”, because despite all the little shortcomings, I’m pretty pleased with the ending. There are a few frustrating levels, but it’s a short game.

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Life Inside a Novel Under Revision

Deja vu in a novel

Editors know all about flow. If you get that déjà vu feeling, it’s just someone re-arranging your life so that it reads better.

Recently, I wrote the first two chapters of the sequel to An Ember in the Wind, The Wisdom Machine. Just what happened to John and Sheridan? Find out–soon!

In the meantime, I realized I had some extra books sitting around. So, I opened up an Amazon seller account. For a limited time, you can pick a copy up directly from North Carolina! I dropped the prices, so if you’ve been missing out, I’m running a pretty good deal. 😉

Check out A Foundation in Wisdom and An Ember in the Wind!

Also, if you’re looking for something to kill a few minutes waiting in line, why not check out WordMutation, the word-version of Permutation? Available for iOS + Android-based devices.

WordMutation screenshot


Local Author Day 3 and Symposium

Today’s bit of trivia is that February 12, 2015 marks the point at which the day I first caught the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld marks the midpoint of my life. Knowledge is fun.

In real news, I’ll be participating in the third Local Author Day event at the Jacksonville, NC Barnes and Noble! If you’re in the area, come out and support authors in the Eastern NC region. The event runs from 10 – 3 this Saturday. I’ll be there starting at about 11:30, giving away some artwork and other goodies.

I’ll also be opening up sometime over the next couple of weeks, showcasing the software I’ve been working on over the past month. Much of it is in preparation for my presentation at the ICTCM in Vegas. If you’re an educator (not just math), you should definitely check it out when it’s open. I’ll also be speaking at the Social Science Research Symposium in Mount Olive, NC on Saturday morning–on instructional technology and pedagogy.