Updates and Book Three

The November book signing went very well! I’m starting to learn quite a bit about how to make the most of a signing–in particular, on the marketing side of things. So far, I’ve had success getting the word out–including three interviews.

The downside to marketing is that I’m using time I could be using to write the third book. During summer 2013, I did hardly anything at all to promote A Foundation in Wisdom, deciding, instead, to spend the time writing An Ember in the Wind. At some point, I’ll need to turn my attention to writing the next installment: The Wisdom Machine.

So far, I have a word count of zero. Of course, I have my usual responsibilities during the academic year. This has been a particularly busy fall semester, since I’m teaching seven courses. On top of that, I’ve been invited to speak at the ICTCM conference about software I’ve been developing over the past several months (announcement on that to follow shortly).

Also, there is still more to Mara’s story–a piece left untold. I’m not sure what the best way to tell it is. I’m thinking of reviving Mara of the Ori. I like the premise, but the riddles were too discipline-specific. Everyone at the university seems to enjoy the riddles I’ve been posting outside my office door, so I do have a bit of a test audience.

My goal for the first half of 2015 is to have The Wisdom Machine written and ready for revision. During this winter break, my main focus will be on my presentation at the ICTCM. Hopefully my presentation will go better than Marcus’s… but we’ll see 😉