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An Orthogonal Universe Blog is a blog about the combinations of storytelling, art, and mathematics. Since May 2013, the blog updates regularly on Friday. Special features may update on the off-days.

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Robert Loyd Watson’s current incarnation began on 9 April, 1983 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. During his stint as a daffodil in 1653, he had pondered a proof for Fermat’s Little Theorem (daffodils, as we all should know, have ample time to themselves for thinking). Unfortunately, he was snipped before he could complete his work. During his next incarnation he was successful in proving the theorem. But alas! No reputable mathematics journals would accept manuscripts from basset hounds. Even to this day it is true. He is still bitter about it.

Today Robert is a Mathematics professor who enjoys crafting mathematical fantasies in his spare time. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, Elizabeth, and cats Milton, Spenser, and Euclid.


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