Cats are Not Deep Thinkers

Cat looking out window

He already knows the answer. But, ever the scientist, he has formed his hypothesis and will now test it.

Ry the Squirrel’s Own Game

Laser Summer Day

Ry the Squirrel stars in his own game–Laser Summer Day: Flying squirrels, garden gnomes, and laser-dodging action!

Life Inside a Novel Under Revision

Deja vu in a novel

Editors know all about flow. If you get that déjà vu feeling, it’s just someone re-arranging your life so that it reads better.

Recently, I wrote the first two chapters of the sequel to An Ember in the Wind, The Wisdom Machine. Just what happened to John and Sheridan? Find out–soon!

In the meantime, I realized I had some extra books sitting around. So, I opened up an Amazon seller account. For a limited time, you can pick a copy up directly from North Carolina! I dropped the prices, so if you’ve been missing out, I’m running a pretty good deal. 😉

Check out A Foundation in Wisdom and An Ember in the Wind!

Also, if you’re looking for something to kill a few minutes waiting in line, why not check out WordMutation, the word-version of Permutation? Available for iOS + Android-based devices.

WordMutation screenshot