Ry the Squirrel’s Own Game

Laser Summer Day

Ry the Squirrel stars in his own game–Laser Summer Day: Flying squirrels, garden gnomes, and laser-dodging action!

Life Inside a Novel Under Revision

Deja vu in a novel

Editors know all about flow. If you get that déjà vu feeling, it’s just someone re-arranging your life so that it reads better.

Recently, I wrote the first two chapters of the sequel to An Ember in the Wind, The Wisdom Machine. Just what happened to John and Sheridan? Find out–soon!

In the meantime, I realized I had some extra books sitting around. So, I opened up an Amazon seller account. For a limited time, you can pick a copy up directly from North Carolina! I dropped the prices, so if you’ve been missing out, I’m running a pretty good deal. 😉

Check out A Foundation in Wisdom and An Ember in the Wind!

Also, if you’re looking for something to kill a few minutes waiting in line, why not check out WordMutation, the word-version of Permutation? Available for iOS + Android-based devices.

WordMutation screenshot


Inaugural Cartoon


The chicken-containing egg came first.